Right now, 57 million people are living with a disability in the United States. That’s more than the entire population of Canada. Yet, despite our country’s progress in equality, people with disabilities still face blatant and subtle discrimination.

Only 33 percent of them are employed. And 28.4 percent are living below the poverty line.

We believe the time for real, lasting change is now.

The Awareness Campaign is here to remove limitations from the disability community and give them a chance to unite together, pursue their true potential — and move beyond the status quo. We believe their voices and talents matter.

And that “Whaaat?!” moments should no longer hold them back from being all they can be.


What Is a “Whaaat?! Moment”

Whaaat?! moments are frustrating interpersonal interactions that people with disabilities regularly face. They range from overtly prejudiced statements to subtle misunderstandings. While each moment may be different, they share similar qualities:

Reinforce stereotypes about people with disabilities.

Perpetuate inequality between communities.

Lack of Confidence
Damage an individual’s self esteem or confidence.

Lack of Opportunity
Limit their engagement across social and professional spectrums.